Setting Myself Up for Success

Hello, my name is Malika, and I love To-Do lists.

I love being able to start my day with a feeling of purpose and organization.

I love feeling that, so long as I get everything on this list done, I will have had a productive and effective day.

Most of all, though? I love crossing things off the list. I love the boost of self-esteem and that feeling of accomplishment that comes with that “check – done!”

Most of the items on my list are important things that are there because I need to get them done (things like “Apply for two jobs,” “book Thanksgiving flights,” and “vacuum”). However, I like to give myself little high-fives throughout the day, in the form of crossing things off the list, so I put lots of tasks on the list that guarantee that boost of self-esteem and feeling productive.

Things like “wake up” and “eat lunch.”

Check – done!


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