Why I Love Audiobooks

I am, like many writers and bloggers, a passionate and shameless bookworm. I learned to read at an early age and have been addicted to books ever since. I mostly read fiction, and of that I mostly read fantasy, but I’ve never let those preferences get in the way of reading plenty of really great and really different books in my lifetime.

One of the facts of life that always brings a sincere sadness is that, no matter if I win the lottery, hire servants, buy all the books in the world, and spend the rest of my life reading instead of working or taking care of myself, I will never be able to read all of the books I want to read in one lifetime. There are so many. Therefore, I always try to find as much time as possible to read as many books as I can within the lifestyle that I have.

In addition to loving books, I also love knitting. It is possible to hold a book open with my toes while I knit with my hands (I haven’t managed to figure out turning the pages – though it’s even easier to push the button to turn the pages of an eReader with my toes), but it isn’t comfortable, and it limits me to very simple knitting that I can do without looking.

I also have not won the lottery, and do not have servants, so there is a lot of time that I have to spend doing stuff that precludes reading: cleaning, cooking, exercising, etc. I don’t pretend to love those things like I love knitting and reading, though. I can get very bored, and feel like my brain is wasting away, unused and unchallenged by the monotony of vacuuming.

I may not be able to read a book while knitting and washing dishes, but I can listen to one!

Even if you only listen to audiobooks while you’re cooking, cleaning, and exercising (a conservative estimate of 30 minutes every day, or 15 hours a month – audiobooks average around 15 hours long), you can get through a whole extra book every month. Think of all the books you’ve been wanting to read, but never seem to have the time. I just found time for you! 🙂 Do you commute to work? Listen to audiobooks on your commute and that’s another 2 or 3 books every month.

Audiobooks can be very expensive, but I get them for free at my public library, at Librivox (where volunteers read books that are in the public domain so it’s all free – but they appreciate donations!), and on Spotify. I stream them online on my computer or download them and put them on my iPod. I can pay $15 and get a new audiobook each month on Audible, which is a steal when you consider that audiobooks can cost up to $50 a pop.

I am currently listening to Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins (read by Carolyn McCormick) and Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë (read by the magnificent Elizabeth Klett and annotated delightfully by Heather Ordover on her podcast Craftlit), and really enjoying them both.

Go find yourself a good audiobook, and let me know what you think!

Do you already love audiobooks? Tell me why!


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