My Favorite Blog Monday – My Japan TravelBlog

Greetings, bloggers! I hope everyone’s Monday is not terrible.

I want to do a regular segment on this blog called “My Favorite Blog Monday” (the purpose of this segment is evident). This segment will become especially awesome once I’ve become more established in the blogging community, make stronger blogging relationships, and actually have favorite blogs.

Right now, however, I’m so new to the blogging community that I don’t really have a favorite blog. I have been finding great blogs left and right, but don’t know any of you well enough to feature you. (Disclaimer: I have been part of the knit-blogging community for a long time, and have lots of favorite blogs over there, but I talk about them on my knitting blog)

So I’ve taken a bit of a shortcut, and chosen one of my own blogs from the past.

I studied abroad in Osaka, Japan during the Spring of 2012, and I kept a pretty faithful travel journal over on If you like travel blogs, Japan, or Japanese food (I posted a lot of food pictures), you might want to check it out.

That being said – I no longer live in Osaka, so I no longer post to that blog, so there’s no point in really following it at all – it’s just good for scrolling through backlogs of posts for pretty Japan pictures. 🙂

Like this one!

Cherry blossoms on the climb up to Konpira Shrine in Shikoku

Cherry blossoms on the climb up to Konpira Shrine in Shikoku

What are your favorite blogs? Let me know in the comments! (Feel free to post links to your own blogs, too!)


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