Reading Lists

I have always had a somewhat directionless method of reading. I don’t make lists of books I want to read (except on my Goodreads profile – but to say that list is organized and purposeful would be to lie heinously) and I don’t plan ahead. I also normally have several books going at once. They can’t be too similar, for they all serve different purposes and I wouldn’t want to confuse them. One is for sedate bedtime reading, one is an adventurous novel that’s too exciting to read before bed (unless I want to be awake reading until 2am, which I don’t), one is an audiobook.

Then, when I finish a book, I look through my books or my Goodreads list or my library and find something else to read. Sometimes I’ll get a recommendation from a friend. The books I chose are subject to my whims and moods, and rarely fit into any cohesive theme. It’s all very disorganized and purposeless.

Now, I’m not trying to say that my pleasure reading should be purposeful. It’s pleasure reading, after all. I can read whatever I damn well please, and I will enjoy myself.

But sometimes I feel like I should find a good list to work on. You know, “Top 10 Sci-Fi Novels of the 20th Century” or “15 Best YA Books of the past 5 years” or something. I found a man who is reading through Time Magazine’s 100 Greatest Novels. That sounds daunting, but I like the idea of having a long-lasting goal like that.

Maybe I should find a reading goal. Maybe I could even blog about it.

Do you have reading goals? What are they? What are your favorite reading lists? Would you be interested in reading about someone working through those lists?


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