Serious problem with Jane Eyre



So I’m listening to Jane Eyre on audiobook right?


I just got to the part where their wedding was interrupted because it turns out that Mr. Rochester is already married, and everyone’s in a huff that he was already married, so they go look upon his wife and he’s like “do you blame me for wanting a proper wife” and they’re like “you can’t get married when you’re already married” and she’s like “oops well this is awkward what should I do now” and I’m over here yelling “THE REAL PROBLEM HERE IS THAT HE KEEPS HIS WIFE LOCKED IN HIS ATTIC AND THEY KEEP CALLING HER A HYENA BECAUSE SHE’S GOT MENTAL ISSUES”


Yes, I’m supposed to read this book with the context of the times in mind, and yes that sort of treatment of people with mental illness was normal at that time but UGH SERIOUSLY CAN YOU NOT


Disclaimer – I literally just finished the chapter where this is all revealed, so don’t spoil anything please, and also who knows what happens next that will make me feel less enraged.


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