On Journaling

I’ve never been one of those people that journals, keeps a diary, writes regularly about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I have a high respect for those people that do, since it seems to bring so much joy and clarity to their lives. My attempts (usually inspired by conversations with those people) result in the purchase of a nice notebook, a few days of good practice, and then I drop it like a hot potato, never come back to it, and feel guilty for abandoning the attempt.

Having just read this article: Famous Writers on the Creative Benefits of Keeping a Diary – I wonder whether I should give it another try.

But what will make this attempt any different or more successful than the others? Maybe if I purchase a REALLY GOOD notebook and pen, I’ll suddenly become A Person Who Journals. Maybe it’s all about setting aside time to do it every day until it becomes a habit. Maybe I should ask my Journaling Friends how they do it.

In typical Malika-fashion, I googled it. Here is what the internet says I should do:

  • Journal in a notebook, rather than on the computer, so there are fewer distractions.
  • Alternatively, you could blog, use a diary app, or just a blank Word document.
  • Read through old posts to remind you why you got started journaling in the first place.
  • Put your journal in a place that you visit every day, like on your nightstand or right by where you eat your breakfast.
  • Set a timer – only write for X minutes, and only focus on writing for those X minutes.
  • Don’t feel like you have to write three pages of your deepest thoughts every day. Even just a few sentences about what you did or saw is enough to keep up the habit.
  • Bullet Journal
  • Put Stuff in it. Journaling doesn’t have to be only writing – paste in ticket stubs, tape a flower to the page, doodle.

I think I’ll give it a shot! I must have an old notebook around here somewhere…

Do you keep a journal or diary? What have you found to be most helpful or beneficial about writing in it regularly? Do you have any tips or advice to someone just starting out?


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