Yay Feminism!

I finished How To Be a Woman, by Caitlin Moran, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very very funny, and it’s fun to follow along with her as she sorts herself out. The book reads like a memoir, interspersed with rants, theories, and essays about Feminism and about the nature of the world.


One chapter that was particularly powerful was the chapter on abortion. It was fairly icky at times, but so honest and thorough – she talked through every aspect of her situation, thought process, emotions, and experience as she underwent an abortion. She didn’t pass judgement, and had some really great arguments about why we shouldn’t pass judgement either. I have never read anything like it – I have never heard anyone speak about abortion like this.


I’m smack in the middle of The Watsons, by Jane Austen, and liking it much more than Lady Susan. I also got brand new issues of my brand new subscriptions to The New Yorker and Real Simple today. Let’s see if I can keep up my momentum with reading all these great new books! I think Changing Planes is next on deck…


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